The London and South East Milling Society (LSEMS) was first formed in 1947, and has remained buoyant throughout the last 69 years despite the sad demise of many other national and regional milling societies.We feel the basis of the society’s success has been the variety and quality of the technical and social programme provided for all attendees. The LSEMS is totally independent and self funded, by the commitment of its members and the kind and generous sponsorship of its industry partners. We strive to maintain a core industry focus but recognise we also need to provide an element of social interaction for our members and their families. Anybody involved in supplying, or even interested in the industry is most welcome to attend our meetings regardless of position, as long as they pay their dues.Our programme runs from September through to June with meetings held throughout this period at regular intervals; the general format would be a September meeting, outside practical trip, October AGM presentation from nabim president and nabim Director General at nabim in London, December’s Christmas Extravaganza (with exotic foods and supporting alcoholic beverages from around the world) at nabim in London, February Cultural External Experience, March Industry talk at nabim and a summer outing each June . We hold most London based meetings at nabim (21 Arlington Street) but also hold meetings outside London where ever possible. The summer meeting is held outside the UK every second year and has recently featured trips to milling equipment suppliers in Italy and Switzerland, milling operations in France and paper producers in Sweden. 2016 will feature an overseas trip.Dependent on meeting and location we expect representation of between 50 – 100 personnel with a variety of industry interests, the key for LSEMS is that everyone feels welcome and comfortable, and wants attend again. I am currently president of LSEMS, I have been on many occasions before, and would be delighted to be again in the future, please feel free to join our events.

         [By  Gary Lancaster, Past President (2014-2016 ) of The LSEMS].



Nick Hinton – President

Graham Bruce – Secretary

Dave Ferns – Treasurer

Paul Messenger

Gary Lancaster

Glynn Williams

Janet Green

Fiona Stone

Stephen Greatbach

Matt Lupton

Tony Evers

Peter Payne

Tom Blacker


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